Shop prices - These prices do not include parts

Service Charges
Shop rate $40.00/hour
Minimum charge per gun $20.00
Written appraisals $30.00 & up
Written cost estimaste $30.00
Clean & oil customer gun $50.00
Metal finishing
Bead blast and blue $110.00
Basic polish finish $160.00
High polish finish $195.00
Bead blast stainless $90.00
Parkerizing $160.00
Draw Filing Hourly rate
Sight Work
Bore sight rifle/shotgun $25.00
Drill and tap for sight or scope mount $15.00/hole
Cut dovetail in barrel $50.00
Install front ramp
  Sweat on $60.00
  Screw on $40.00
  Band type Hourly rate
Install shotgun bead $25.00
Install receiver sight $30.00 plus drill and tap cost
Scope mounting

$50.00 (includes boresighting)
plus drill and tap cost

Rifle Work
Check headspace $35.00
Make chamber cast $50.00
Install barrel liner $90.00 plus cost of liner
Cut and crown barrel $50.00
Barrel installation does not include barrel cost or polish and bluing cost bolt action pre-threaded and chambered $110.00
Thread and chamber contoured barrel $175.00
Contour, thread and chamber barrel blank $225.00
Set back and rechamber $125.00
Weld on new bolt handle $125.00
Forge existing bolt handle $60.00
Install or adjust trigger $40.00
Install muzzle brake $75.00
Handgun Work
Recut forcing cone $35.00
Chamfer Chambers $60.00
Action job $80.00 plus parts
Action job $90.00 plus parts
1911A1 Work
Open ejection port $35.00
Fit barrel bushing $50.00
Fit barrel $100.00
Tighten slide to frame $95.00
Fit grip safety $20.00
Fit beavertail safety $60.00
Fit thumb safety $60.00
Fit ambi safety $50.00
Fit new front sight $20.00
Fit dovetail front $50.00
Fit new rear sight $40.00
Mill slide for rear sight $140.00 plug sight
Install new trigger $50.00
M1/M1A Work
Limited technical inspection with report $50.00
Install barrel $50.00
Tighten gas cylinder to barrel $20.00
Trigger job $50.00
Full match condition M1 $450.00
Full match condition M1A $600.00
Glass bed buttstock only $100.00
Surface bed $50.00
Fit replacement wood
  Linseed finish $150.00
  Tru-oil finish $175.00
  Polyeurethane $220.00
Stock Work
Glass bed bolt action $100.00
Pillar bed bolt action $150.00
  Simple oil finish $125.00
  Filled rubbed finish $175.00
Intall recoil pad $60.00
Install sling swivels $40.00

Jerry C. Johnson